Unveiling the Potential of Open Source ERP

Odoo: Open Source ERP and CRM

In the world of advanced technology and business strategies, companies are seeking Odoo Open Source ERP systems to manage their operations.

Through the integration of different departments within the company using an ERP system, the company can easily manage all its business activities and processes.

When using an Odoo Open Source ERP system, contributes to the ease of work and customization of the software to suit the business needs effortlessly.

In this article, we will explore open-source systems, how to choose the best system for your company, and how to develop an ERP implementation plan with the help of IET.

What is Open source ERP?

Open-source ERP systems are software programs that allow users to access their source code, enabling them to work on, modify, and use it freely.

With an open-source system, programmers and developers who have access to the source code can improve the software by adding features or making modifications as needed.

This is in contrast to closed-source software, where access to the source code, modification of the software, or participation in its development is not available.

What should we look for in an ERP system?

When choosing the best ERP system for your business, several important factors should be considered, including ease of use, customization flexibility, support strength, and security level.

The most crucial aspect to consider when selecting the most suitable system for your company is that it should be open-source software.

This allows you to work on and modify the program easily to fit your needs without disrupting your business or incurring exorbitant costs for any necessary modifications.

One of the best options in this regard is Odoo, a program that allows you to work on and modify it easily at any time to meet your business requirements.


Odoo is a collection group of open-source applications that cover all your business needs, including customer relationship management, e-commerce, project management, accounting, inventory, point of sale, and more.

The unique aspect of Odoo is that it is extremely user-friendly and fully integrated.

Advantages of Odoo:

  • Odoo open-source: It is an open source ERP system, meaning companies can customize and develop it according to their specific needs without the need for costly licensing fees.
  • Security: Odoo boasts a high level of security, providing robust protection for user and company data, including access control for users, data encryption, and mechanisms to safeguard the system against breaches.
  • Integration: It offers a wide range of integrated programs that cover all aspects of your business, such as marketing, sales, purchasing, inventory, accounting, and more, allowing companies to avoid the need for multiple separate systems.
  • Flexibility and customization: Odoo ERP system allows companies to customize applications according to their specific needs, enabling the addition and modification of features without significant costs.
  • User-friendly user interface: Odoo provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to adapt to its use without requiring extensive training.
  • Strong support: The Odoo system benefits from strong support from a large community of developers and companies, stability, and development.

Is there any free ERP software?

Yes, some free ERP systems allow organizations to organize and manage their operations while saving costs.

However, when implementing a free ERP system, it is important to ensure its ease of implementation, upgradability, and compatibility with other software such as CRM or HR systems.

Most free ERP systems offer a limited set of features without restrictions, and to access more advanced features, paid options may be available.

Here are some examples of free ERP systems:

  1. Odoo: It is one of the best Odoo Open Source ERP software that offers a range of business management tools.
  2. ERPNext: It is a free and Odoo Open Source ERP software and one of the top choices for ERP systems that can be integrated with PayPal.
  3. Dolibarr ERP: It is a free and open source ERP software that enables management of sales, HR, e-commerce, and more.
  4. Metasfresh: It is free and open-source software designed and developed for small and medium-sized companies.
  5. Blueseer: It is a free software designed for manufacturing companies to manage various aspects of their operations such as purchasing, transportation, distribution, and more.

These ERP systems provide a starting point for organizations to manage their business processes, and depending on the specific requirements and scalability, organizations may choose to opt for paid ERP solutions or customize the free options to meet their needs.

ERP system open source free download:

You can now download Odoo software for free, which allows you to track all aspects of your work 

Odoo provides a wide range of applications that help you develop and improve your business without significant costs or effort.

Each application can simplify a part of the processes, contributing to the growth of your company.

You can download it from this button “Install it”

Custom ERP System Implementation Plan by IET

IET works on making your business management easier and more accurate by providing a team with a high level of knowledge to study the growth obstacles of your organization. 

Devise the perfect ERP system for streamlining your business operations, pinpointing discrepancies in your organization’s processes, and strategizing your tasks accordingly. 

Why is the IET  Your Best Choice?

Because IET provides the best service, as:

  • TET was the one and only partner and representative of Odoo in Implementing the e-invoice project in its first and second phases with Zakat, and the Finance Authority in Saudi Arabia 
  • IET was the most localization-supportive Odoo partner in Saudi Arabia.
  • We provide you with a certified financial consultant who has a CMA during the project period for free.
  • They give you a tax consultant who holds a value-added tax specialist certificate from the Saudi Organization for Accountants during the design period for free.

In this article,

We find that open source ERP systems are the most comprehensive and optimal solution for companies seeking robust solutions to manage all aspects of their enterprise.

One of the best examples of such systems is Odoo software, which stands out for some other features such as ease of use, integration with other devices, and its high level of security due to its open-source nature.

One of the top agencies that can assist you in implementing Odoo software is IET, the gold partner of Odoo.